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Jun 20, 2017

World's Best Medical Tourism Destinations

Where the highest quality medical programmes and welcoming lifestyles make the perfect locations for enhanced health care.

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International Living Magazine cited four countries providing the best medical global tourism for 2017 in this article:

International Living

Two locations are very familiar to us at PND and are favorites of our clients:

Mexico and Costa Rica

Besides the high quality medical programs, the growth of medical tourism in Latin America owes a lot to its proximity to North America. Other reasons that attract patients besides treatment are favorable exchange rates, welcoming cultures, the climate and bilingual healthcare officials. They get to have effective and affordable treatments and can spend time recovering in beautiful tropical locations.


Costa Rica


Costa Rica offers medical travelers the best of both worlds with its well-known “recover resorts” where 24-hour professional care is complimented with beautiful locations to heal. It is a country known for its serene atmosphere and hosts a landscape that is composed of rain forests and miles of unspoiled coastline.

Costa Rica has JCI-accredited hospitals as well as many private clinics, where its medical tourism sector continues to grow at an annual rate of 15% to 20%.

Private clinics mostly offer specialized procedures in cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, and dentistry. Costa Rica’s health system ranks higher than the US and is almost half the cost. This is why it is unsurprising that 90% of their medical tourists are American and Canadian. Others mostly visit from Spain and Brazil.

Beach in Costa Rica

For a list of services and doctors, please check this link:

Medical Tourism Costa Rica

After a few days, perhaps travel to the beach, something else Costa Rica is famous for! We like to suggest the Dominical/Uvita area, located on the coast of the central pacific.

You may like to consider visiting one of our select properties:

Terraces at San Martin

Terraces at San Martin, Costa Rica




Mexico has become a regional destination for those seeking cosmetic surgeries, particularly weight loss treatments, and dental care at a cheaper price and shorter waiting times than in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Many facilities also have recovery residencies that are akin to vacation resorts where you can relax next to the warm Caribbean waters.

Many of the clinics in Mexico are owned by American companies or hospitals which offer airport pick-up and even chauffeur services to and from restaurants and sightseeing locations.

Mexico now boasts seven JCI-accredited hospitals. Many of them in Mexico are US-owned and operated. Patients frequently visit from the USA and Canada for dentistry, however other highly sought-after treatments include cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, and general medicine.

Many travelling to Mexico refer to this source for private clinics to consider:

Find Medical Tourism

If you have never visited Cabo San Lucas, well then you simply must take the time to go to the baja and enjoy this fantastic location in Mexico. You can relax at:

Chileno Bay Resort Residences

We happen to have some wonderful properties for sale there, so please take a moment to have a look.

Chileno Bay Resort & Residences, Mexico

Honestly, who would not enjoy relaxing and seeing an interesting new part of the world while saving enough money on healthcare to cover the cost of an exciting vacation and still come out ahead financially?

Instead of staying in a small hospital room, you can spend your recovery time in a luxurious hotel or resort, receive high-quality medical treatment and still save a small fortune. Perhaps dental or vision care isn’t included in your health plan at home, maybe you want an elective procedure, like vision surgery or a facelift.

Either way, it’s certainly worth investigating and perhaps looking at some real estate while you are there. Can’t hurt now can it?


Posted by: Tina Wallace,

Contact Tina:


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