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Sep 9, 2016

Top Tropical Destinations

Let’s face it, everyone likes to visit a tropical destination and even better to own your second home there. Three of the reasons why we like an excuse to pull out our sunglasses, sunscreen and flip flops:-

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The warm weather

Warm weather can put anyone in a great mood. So, when you plan a trip to a tropical island, not only is it exciting to look forward to, but the warm weather on our trip can really help us relax and unwind. Warm weather has a great effect on our mind and body. Not only is it calming, but it’s also comforting, especially if we come from a cooler climate.

The scenery

The scenery of a tropical island is enough to get anyone excited. Though our hometowns are unique in their own way, a tropical island has scenery like no other. Not only can you stare at miles and miles of ocean, but the palm trees, white sandy beaches and all the beautiful colors put together are unlike any other thing.

The laid back lifestyle

When someone goes on a vacation to a tropical island, as opposed to a busy city vacation, one can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds around them while staying relaxed. Not only is lying out by a pool enjoyable, but so is the spa time, as well as the ocean views. Though it’s nice to stay busy and have all sorts of fun things planned for a vacation, it’s also nice to just take it easy and get away from that busy lifestyle that we live at home.

That being said, perhaps you would like a tropical residence for vacation purposes, rental revenue or retirement. Or perhaps all of the above.

Our picks for this month are Barbados and Costa Rica.


Whether it's a combination of the people, the music, the weather, the food, the rum the natural beauty and diversity of the island, it is a place everyone should visit. Take a look at this great article from Abode2

We also highly recommend that that you visit Beach View in St. James, which is located just across the way from the stunning waters of Paynes Bay:

Prices points are fantastic and the floorplans and designs have been incredibly well received.

Another of our top picks is the Crane Private Residences – this impeccable development redefines resort living and is a must visit if you are lucky enough to be heading to the island.

All Our Barbados Properties can be accessed via the search on our home page

Costa Rica

Considered one of the “happiest places on earth” Costa is definitively the pearl of Latin America. With amazing beaches, wonderful people, stable government and incredible quality of life, this destination is incredibly popular for full/part time residents and vistors.

Take a moment to read: 5 reasons why people who move to Costa Rica are instantly healthier!

Three wonderful opportunities for a second home in Costa Rica with a vast array of prices points are:

The Palms, Las Catalinas and Punta Bocana

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