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Nov 13, 2018

Make The Placencia Hotel & Casino Your Home

Why not live where people vacation? This could be your first step to living the dream in Belize.

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About Belize

  • Belize is located in Central America and bordered on the North by Mexico, on the West and South by Guatemala and on the East, the Caribbean Sea. Belize is a British overseas territory with a legal and judicial system based on English common law.
  • Belizeans are a culturally diverse peoples made up of Creoles, Mestizos (a mix of Spanish and Indian descent), Garifuna (Caribs), Mayans as well as communities of German Mennonites, Arab, Lebanese, East Indian and Chinese.
  • Belize offers a breathtaking range of attractions and is able to trace its roots to the Maya civilization with numerous Maya pyramids and sites. The country has the largest cave system in Central America and several underground rivers that have made cave tubing a national recreation.
  • The Belize Barrier Reef offers visitors some of the best diving and snorkeling in the region, runs the entire 170 mile length of the country, and includes more than 1,000 islands. The region offers world class fishing, three Atolls, and the Great Blue Hole.
  • A short drive from the coast is a tropical rain forest, which is home to a variety of wildlife and birds. These attractions have made the country a popular ecoTtourism destination.
  • American currency is accepted everywhere. The local currency is pegged with the US dollar at an official rate of two (2) Belize dollars to one (1) US dollar and Belize is a member of both the Caribbean community and common market.
  • Belize is a peaceful, stable, democratic country with a low crime rate, no capital gains tax, a low 1.75% income tax and no property purchase restrictions for foreigners.


Belize enjoys the following key attributes:

  • Location - Belize is highly accessible from the US, Canada and Western Europe.
  • Stability - Belize has a stable democratic government and is a member of the Commonwealth Group of Countries.
  • Literacy - The literacy rate of 93% is among the highest in Latin America.
  • Established Retirement Program - The Belize Retirement Incentives Program allows Qualified Retired Persons to move personal effects to Belize free of all import duties and taxes. Qualified retirees are also exempt from paying taxes and duties on all income or receipts that accrue outside Belize.
  • Continued Growth - In order to keep pace with growth, the Belizean government will be forced to improve its infrastructure. As such, the Belizean government is open to privatization and engaging private operators to accomplish this goal.
  • Recognized Financial Center - Belize is a recognized, highly regarded and well-regulated off-shore financial services center.


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