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Jun 19, 2017

Surfing The Waves

Surfers only ride a wave for an average time of six seconds, and the waves of their lives only arrive from time to time.

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But in this sport, it's rare to meet someone who quit surfing because he or she didn't enjoy the feeling of walking on water. Surfers have more fair surf sessions on average than they do epic moments in crystal clear waves. The best rides of their lives come along only once in a while.

So, despite onshore surfing days, one foot waves, cold and choppy waters, surfers always return to the scene of the crime. Why is surfing so addictive? Is it any different from other sports, such as soccer, running, swimming or tennis?

Surfing is highly addictive. It is one of the most popular board sports ever invented. There are over 20 million surfers in the world and the number is growing fast.

We host a number of popular global countries where this addiction thrives. We thought we would share:



Indonesia is well known to many surfers around the world to have an abundance of perfect surf spots around its many beautiful islands surrounded by many choices of waves. Whether you are an advanced surfer or a beginner, you will be sure to find a place to surf here.

Many surf travelers will come to Indonesia for its perfect surf breaks, white sand beaches, warm and sunny weather and local friendly people. This is almost a perfect setting to make Indonesia an ultimate surfer’s paradise.

The swells come from the south and southwest of Indonesia, so all the coastlines facing in these directions will get a good amount of waves to surf. This includes places like Bali, Java, Sumatra, Flores, Sumbawa, Sumba and Timor, just to name a few of the thousands of islands in Indonesia.

If you happen to be lucky/adventurous enough to travel to this pearl, please take time to visit:


Montigo Resorts is a perfect resort with private beach and only 30 minutes from Singapore on a private yacht.



Waves break year-round in Nicaragua and are usually best on the Pacific coast of the country. Experienced surfers should plan trips according to the swell (as always) and plan to arrive from March through September.

Nicaragua Surf

The cool town of San Juan de Sur is the long-time surf “spot” of Nicaragua, and it has an amazing atmosphere in the town. It’s also a good spot to gear up, hire out local tour boats to take you to hard-to-reach breaks and spend a few days cruising the colonial streets.

Very close to this, and a few other great surf breaks is one of our latest additions to the PND site, and you are more than welcome to make reservations to stay there:


Guacalito de la Isla is an absolutely spectacular development on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. You will not be disappointed!



France provides great consistent, although chilly surf. How does an amazing nightlife, world class beachbreaks and glass upon glass of great wine sound? Sitting directly south of England on the west coast of Europe, France gets lots of consistent swells from the low pressures tracking across the top of England and further north. The Atlantic coast receives the best swells but waves can also be found on the north coast with swells creeping along the channel and also small short-lived swells generated on the Mediterranean coast.

A great link to use to find the best locations is:

The Surfing Site

But the crème de la crème is Biarritz.

Then head inland, to drink more wine and visit the seaside vineyard at:


Best of both worlds….. Great surf and great grapes!



It’s impossible to talk about surfing in Spain without all conversation leading to Mundaka. That’s probably because this left-hand barrel nestled deep in Basque Country has haunted the dreams of just about any surfer who has laid eyes on it.

A long, triangular bank makes for a unique, world-class tube and rides that can last over 500 feet down the line.

Surfing in Mundaka, Spain

The downside to this wave is that, unlike most of the Spanish coastline, it’s internationally known and has hosted World Championship Tour events, making it crowded and more than a bit localized. In addition, Mundaka rarely fires two days in a row, so if you’re looking for perfect conditions, be sure to have a couple of buffer days to check out the lush Spanish countryside.

Could be worse, right?

And when you are taking that time to explore Spain, visit:


Now you need your golf clubs, surf board and perhaps a second home deposit.


Posted by: Tina Wallace,

Contact Tina:

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